Custom Synthesis

KU dyes offer the expertise of the entire KU dyes team on specific synthetic challenges and general challenges within chemistry. Our services can be requested on an hourly basis or based on a specific task. Billing is then by the hour or based on milestones in a detailed plan. Our track record includes successful development of an fluorescent sensor material and custom synthesis of organic dyes. Through our work prior to founding KU dyes we have hands-on experience from a last variety of research and development projects.

We offer wet and dry services within the areas of:

  • Custom synthesis of a single chemicals and libraries
  • Product development of dye related product
  • Feasibility studies
  • Exploration testing

Our particular expertise are within:

  • Custom synthesis of organic dyes
  • Feasibility studies in fluorescent technologies
  • Product development involving dyes

We are always open for a discussion of your particular challenge, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here. Note that according to Danish law all inventions made by KU dyes Aps are the property of the University of Copenhagen.




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