Dye Products

KU dyes offer a series of dyes spanning most of the visible spectrum. Some KU dyes are superior replacement dyes for fluorescein and rhodamines, while others have unique properties, such as unprecedented photostability and long emission lifetimes. The former allows for tracking experiments under constant exposure over weeks, while the latter enable completely new polarisation experiments.

The dyes come in a variety of forms, from free acid and amines to amino and sulphur reactive derivatives. For polarisation based assays the long lifetime dyes can be ordered with rigid linkers, ensuring the largest possible response in you assay.

The full dye catalogue can be found here. The catalogue includes the photophysical specification of each dye that also lists available derivatives and specialised applications. The dye categories offered by KU dyes are shown below, click the links to go to dedicated pages describing the unique features of each catagory.

For long lifetime triangulenium probes – click here

For fluorescein and rhodamine replacements – click here

For robust dyes of limited use in biology – click here

The full dye catalogue can be found here.

Custom synthesis

KU dyes offer custom synthesis of organic dyes and chemicals. Price and time is fully dependent on the product you order. For a walk-through of the typical procedure we use to arrive at a quote please go to the custom synthesis page, which can be found here.